Animal Welfare Policy

The Luxe Element Limited Animal Welfare Policy pertains to all items available for purchase on Luxe Element Limited's E-commerce platforms. Luxe Element Limited is dedicated to safeguarding endangered or vulnerable species and preventing cruelty.

Luxe Element Limited abstains from using the following animal-derived materials in its products:

- No part of vulnerable, endangered, exotic, or wild-caught species is utilized in Luxe Element Limited's products.

- Feather/down, bone, horn, shell (including mother of pearl), teeth, mohair, cashmere, or silk are not employed by Luxe Element Limited.

- Luxe Element Limited does not accept angora rabbit hair or any other hair from animals reared in cages for their hair, including but not limited to rabbit, Mongolian lamb's fur, raccoon, marten, fox, squirrel, sable chinchilla, or ferret.

- Luxe Element Limited does not conduct or commission any animal testing for its products.

Furthermore, we expect all suppliers to comply with this policy. 

Luxe Element Limited is committed to continually reviewing and improving our animal welfare policy based on advancements in animal welfare standards, feedback from stakeholders, and changes in industry best practices